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     We get along with a little help from our friends 

We believe in making friends, more than clients.  We could not be where we are without them.  What they each have contributed to our journey into creating some of the most wonderful sounding tonewood in the world will never be forgotten; both in honouring us by using our wood on their instruments and through sharing their countless years of tradition with us to make our tonewood what it is today.  Merci/Thank You/Haa'waa! 

Please take some time to read below what just a few of them have done and shared.

Pierre LaPorte,

"The Master"

Pierre is the inspiration behind all of this and one of the most patient people in the world.  He took the time to teach us exacty what it takes to create the best tonewood possible and make us understand just how important our craft is to yours.

Pierre has over 30 years experience and creates some of the most beautiful hand-crafted acoustic instruments.

Brian Kingston,

BC Kingston Guitars

Mr. Kingston was a tough nut to crack since he had worked mainly in European spruce but after trying our Sitka spruce arch tops, he has built exclusively with our sound boards ever since.  We prize Brian as one of our most ardent supporters who has shared a great deal of his knowledge with us.  Please see his brilliant work and what he says about us at

Michel Pellerin, Guitares Pellerin

Michel has been a long-time supporter and friend.  We have had the pleasure of watching his craftmanship evolve alongside our own and have enjoyed sharing knowledge and learning with him. Michel has several superb guitars with our soundboards, however our favourite has to be the Sitka Spruce bear claw guitar he presented at the 2012 Montreal Guitar Show.  Follow Michel's work at: 

Joseph Hart,

Hart Guitars

Joseph has used our Sitka Spruce for several years.  One of our favorite guitars he has built is the "all spruce" bear-claw G200 jumbo guitar. After building his first bear-claw Sitka spruce acoustic out of our wood, Joseph kindly told us that, "it is one of the best sounding and visually appealing guitars that I have built so far."  And Joe's work just keeps getting better.

​Check him out at

Peter Swanson,

Dagmar Guitars

Peter is a man after our own hearts.  He creates some of the most innovative guitars in the world.  Peter kindly says, "Maurice is an extremely passionate tone wood supplier. As a lumberjack he's done it all, but his destiny is to help fuel the luthier's art with some of the finest product on the planet. I got a Sitka set from him and the grain is so tight I can't count it without a magnified glass!!! Befriend him luthiers-you will not regret it." Thanks Peter! Have a look at

Diego Huerga,
Huerga Guitars

Our "gypsy" friend (left), Diego Huerga, from Argentina builds around 8 guitars a year.  He has summed up his thoughts about our soundboards most graciously.  "I value very much the philosophy that Roy Tonewood supports of not cutting trees. This leads them to seek logs fallen long ago, that are of excellent quality for sound as their resin has crystallized.  Everytime I make a purchase from Roy Tonewood I feel like I am saving a living tree in addition to obtaining the best material for my instruments."

Garren Dakessian,
Loucin Guitars

Garren has approached us in our very beginnings for some of our highly figured tonewood. Luckily for us, we made the cut which resulted in some amazing intruments. It will always be our pleasure to rise up to his expectations and find him the best tonewood possible for his various projects!

Check out his work at

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