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We are proud to be able to hand-select only the best tonewood from trees given to us by the wind and time, or left behind after logging.  No standing trees are harmed in the creation of our tonewood. 

We believe in the Haida People's principle of Yah'guudang, meaning "respect for the forest". We are by nature an ecologically and culturally-sensitive company and we operate according to the principles of ecosystem-based management.  The forest tenures that we operate on are also FSC certified.

Using what we have learned over the last decade from you, the luthier, we handle our tonewood according to traditional processing and drying techniques to stabilize and enhance the inherent tonal quality and structural properties of each piece.  Just like a fine wine, it takes time 

Try our tonewood and shift your perception of today's tonewood forever. 

Doing the most with what was left behind...

We commit to the principle of RESPECT in all we do.  It is the only way to properly honour the land and traditions that create our tonewood.
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